Sexual Intimacy Counselling

A couple’s sexual relationship has the potential to deepen the level of intimacy between partners, leading to a real sense of connection and closeness. It may also result in anxiety, tension, stress, feeling rejected and seeing oneself as unwanted, unworthy or not being good enough for their partner. This may cause difficulties with sexual arousal, orgasm, premature ejaculation and avoidance of sexual intimacy.

Sexual intimacy may be impacted by each partner’s emotional state and self-image as a sexual being which may be influenced by their upbringing. Sexual intimacy may also be affected by how a couple engages sexually, their fear of intimacy and their desire to self-protect, which may ultimately result in partners becoming emotionally and sexually detached. The challenge for a couple is to integrate emotional, physical and sexual intimacy to minimise the possibility of such detachment.

Feeling emotionally safe and secure in a relationship deepens sexual responsiveness, sexual functioning and satisfaction for both partners. This feeling of emotional security facilitates a couple being open to deep moment-to-moment connection during sex and to exploring all that is possible with each other. When a couple feels sufficiently safe, trusting and present they are better able to surrender to being completely vulnerable with each other emotionally, physically and sexually without holding back or fearing failure.

When partners experience this level of security in their relationship they are able to focus on each other’s sexual needs and wants and to be more tolerant of the ups and downs experienced in relationships. Open and fearless communication is fundamental throughout.

MSRCC’s specialist couple counsellors work with and support couples in their journey to integrate emotional, physical and sexual intimacy, achieve a real sense of connection and closeness and address fears of being truly vulnerable sexually. This includes dealing with factors that may impact sexual arousal, sexual functioning and partners feeling satisfied that their needs and wants are met. All this occurs within a supportive and confidential environment where couples feel sufficiently safe to voice their concerns, needs and desires. Call us  today to receive confidential, caring and sensitive support for your sexual intimacy difficulties.

Sexual Intimacy Counselling Can Help You Reconnect on Many Levels

When you hear the words “sexual intimacy counselling,” you may naturally have several questions. The thought of this kind of therapy may seem intimidating to some people, but nothing could be further from the truth. If you are experiencing intimacy problems in your life or relationship, sex counselling at Melbourne Specialist Relationship Counselling Clinic can help you work through the issues and implement real solutions to help get your sex life back on track.

What You Can Expect from MSRCC Regarding Intimacy Counselling in Melbourne

Your sexual relationship with your partner has the power to deepen your level of intimacy and strengthen your sense of real connection. However, it can also lead to problems such as anxiety, feelings of rejection, and feeling as if you aren’t good enough for your partner. When negative emotions make their way into the bedroom, the result can be difficulties with arousal, orgasm, or even complete avoidance of sexual intimacy. Intimacy counselling at MSRCC can:

  • Support you in your journey to emotional closeness. Emotional closeness facilitates a more profound connection during sex and opens up many new possibilities for a rich and satisfying intimate life.
  • Identify important issues. We can help you identify and deal with factors that may be affecting your sexual arousal or function.
  • Provide a safe place to voice your feelings. During counselling, you and your partner will have the opportunity to explore your fears and challenges in a supportive and confidential environment.

Benefits of Sex Therapy in Melbourne

Deepening your understanding of the biological, psychological, pharmacological, and relational aspects of sex can help you identify issues in your life and find ways to work through them. Here are some of the other benefits of sex counselling in Melbourne.

  • Developing realistic goals. For instance, some of the underlying causes behind sexual dysfunction are age-related; counselling can address this issue, help you set appropriate goals, and introduce coping techniques to maximise your quality of life.
  • Identifying ways to increase your libido. Cueing exercises are one example – calling on memories of positive sexual experiences to help you feel sexual in the present.
  • Learning the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness is exceedingly beneficial during sex. Counselling can teach you ways to stay present in the moment and feel more receptive to genuine connection.
  • Exploring alternative forms of sexual expression. If you and your partner are feeling bored in the bedroom (not uncommon in long-term relationships), counselling can cover many different types of sexual expression to help you spice things up.


At MSRCC, we believe in providing the very best service possible. That’s why our therapists have (at least) master’s degrees and extensive and ongoing training when it comes to the latest research and techniques. We have spoken with too many clients who have been let down by other services, and we have come to understand that many counsellors do not have the specialist training required to help couples and individuals achieve optimal, sustainable outcomes. If you’re looking for experienced therapists offering personalised service in a caring environment, contact MSRCC today.

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