Affair Recovery Counselling

The uninvited and unwanted inclusion of a third party into a couple’s relationship can create long term devastation, where feelings of betrayal, humiliation, hurt, disappointment and anger are ever present. Affairs are often difficult to overcome for many couples, as trust is broken and a deep sense of betrayal is experienced.

For most couples, emotional, physical and sexual intimacy is what separates their couple relationship from friendships. When one partner breaks this contract and ‘cheats’ either emotionally or sexually, the unique bond the couple once shared is significantly damaged, creating pain and distrust.

A further complication to this relationship breach and wounding is the overwhelming judgement couples may encounter from friends, family and society as a whole. The partner having the affair is often seen as ‘deceitful and a liar’, whereas the spouse is seen as ‘the victim’. If the spouse chooses to stay in the relationship they may believe they are regarded as a ‘fool’. For some couples, an affair does not signify the end of a relationship.  It may highlight where needs and wants are not being met in the relationship and where communication has fallen down.

Whilst an affair can and does destroy some relationships, this doesn’t necessarily need to be the case. For many couples, there are still deep emotional ties that hold the couple together. However, for the couple to recover from this profound relationship wound it is imperative they seek unbiased supportive help from an expert who can assist them to navigate their way through hurt, betrayal and despair, and to regain trust and forgive their partner.

Couples who are able to repair their relationship after an affair often report that their relationship is stronger and more robust as they both worked together to find a deeper connection.

At MSRCC we are highly trained in affair recovery to work with our clients to help them rebuild their relationship. This requires a lot of work from both partners, but more so from the partner who had the affair. To fully recover from an affair:

  • the affair must stop
  • the hurt partner must be able to express their distress, sadness, anger, disappointment and distrust
  • the partner who had the affair must take responsibility for their behaviour and rebuild trust
  • the couple must fully understand why and how the affair occurred
  • both partners must choose to move forward
  • the couple must work together to rebuild and restore their relationship.

At MSRCC our therapists are committed to helping you and your partner recover from an affair. Call us today and let us support you.

Come Together to Clear the Air with Affair Recovery Counselling

Through affair recovery counselling, a couple dedicated to working on repairing their relationship can access the invaluable assistance of a highly trained, professional, and neutral third party’s insight. To call an affair disruptive to a relationship would be an understatement, and while it is true that infidelity is the undoing of many partnerships, it does not always have to be that way. However, it is essential to recognise there are no overnight solutions here — only a long road and a process that partners must engage in mutually. At the Melbourne Specialist Relationship Counselling Clinic (MSRCC), we open our doors to couples seeking a private and confidential way to work on repairing their bond.

What You Can Expect from MSRCC During Counselling After an Affair

Understanding why you and your partner might want to pursue counselling from experts to aid in making the tough decisions about where to go next in your relationship. When you visit, here’s what you can expect:

  • Established expectations. For example, no progress is possible if the affair does not stop and contact with the third party does not cease wholly and immediately.
  • A guided process that does not favour one partner over the other. Our therapists are trained to act as a neutral party, listening to both sides without elevating one narrative above the rest. Ultimately, it is the work put in by both partners that leads to solutions.
  • Realistic insight and guidance aimed at allowing both partners to re-open the lines of communication in an honest attempt to rebuild lost trust.

The Importance of Therapy After an Affair

It’s safe to say that the emotions you experience after discovering an affair can be some of the most challenging we can experience in life. Seeking therapy afterwards is, therefore, vital for several reasons:

  • Therapy allows you to approach the next steps in your relationship with clarity. This experience can be a very confusing time in one’s life, and you may feel completely adrift. Speaking with a trained professional can help in making sense of some of what you feel.
  • Protect the investment of your time and emotional well-being into a relationship. While not every relationship is salvageable, for couples who truly want to move forward together, therapy can be the first step in reconstructing what was lost.
  • Recognise strategies for growth following trauma. Leaving your emotions aside can lead to additional concerns further down the road; therapy creates an opportunity to develop as a person in spite of what’s happened.

Why Trust MSRCC Regarding Couple’s Therapy After Infidelity

Why is the Melbourne Specialist Relationship Counselling Clinic a trustworthy option for people who find themselves in this situation? Consider what enables us to provide a high level of service:

  • All our therapists have, at a minimum, a master’s degree in couple’s counselling. We specialise in these areas of therapy exclusively to provide the highest level of service possible.
  • We remain on top of the latest developments in clinical thinking and empirical studies by continually engaging in professional development activities.
  • We rely on strategies proven through research to lead to better overall outcomes for mental well-being, such as Emotionally Focused Therapy.

Visit MSRCC While Recovering from an Affair

Should you decide to pursue assistance through our practice, we encourage you to take a moment to learn more about what to know when you come to visit our location.

  • MSRCC values your privacy, and we take our commitment to protect you in this regard seriously. Our staff is highly trained to maintain confidentiality, and couples visiting our location for therapy sessions can trust that their conversations and expressions of emotion will never leave these walls.
  • We have made it easier to access infidelity counselling in Melbourne by creating a space that is convenient and comfortable. Located close to several major transit options, including the Armadale station, there are also options for parking nearby (2-hour limit). Visiting us for a session is more manageable and less stressful thanks to our location.
  • You do not have to visit our location in person to access our services. Understanding that couples across Australia may struggle with issues of infidelity but may not always be able to travel to access infidelity counselling, we also offer convenient online options. We can arrange for sessions over both Skype and FaceTime to suit your specific needs.

Why Trust MSRCC Regarding Specialist Affair Recovery Counselling

As highly trained experts, MSRCC can offer counselling services grounded in experience and empirical studies. While every relationship is different and we cannot guarantee a positive outcome, working with an infidelity recovery specialist opens up the opportunity to better understand, evaluate, and evolve the emotions that stem from this traumatic event. Start your new journey today by contacting us for a free

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