Separation Counselling

Where there is persistent conflict and tension, ending a relationship becomes a viable option and often occurs when all other avenues have been exhausted. Unfortunately, separating often results in disruption and stress for the whole family unit and can have significant long-term negative implications for children caught up in parental conflict and tension.

How couples separate and relate to each other during and after this process may substantially impact how they and their children fare in the future. Demystifying the belief that there is no such thing as a ‘good divorce’ is essential in enabling couples to separate harmoniously. Separation done well can result in increasing resilience, maturity and responsibility for children, and can enable each partner to move on amicably and form new, healthy intimate relationships.

In order for couples to effectively navigate this difficult and tumultuous terrain, it is imperative that the welfare of their children is given precedence. The role of the couple therapist is pivotal in directing the couple to enable long term positive outcomes for all involved.

At MSRCC our therapists educate and arm couples and families with research findings and strategies for dealing with relationship breakdowns and separations to minimize harm to each other and their children. Our specialist therapists assist couples to accept the reality of the separation and process their negative emotions so they can adjust to new relationship structures and come to terms with the lessons from their relationship breakdown.

MRSCC’s ultimate goal for separation therapy is to support the couple to peacefully coexist with the present and be open to new opportunities. Our therapists support the couple to be compassionate and respectful towards each other and their children and provide a sense of safety to facilitates a smoother transition to the new environment. Call us today to obtain expert guidance and support.

Has Your Relationship Come to an End? Separation Counselling Can Help

Making the choice to end a relationship is usually difficult, but separation counselling can help you both through this challenging time. When couples separate, there are often many deep-rooted emotions as well as practicalities to consider as you make this transition. For example, someone who is separating from their partner might become a single parent; they might have to move out of a home they love or make another difficult changes. Separation counselling can help you overcome these challenges and create a smoother transition.

Benefits of Marriage Separation Counselling at MSRCC

Couples choose to separate for many reasons. No matter why you and your partner have decided to split when you’ve decided that your relationship is no longer working, you may be feeling a wide range of emotions and have some practical concerns as well. Here are some of the ways that separation counselling can help.

  • Coping with stress. A separation or divorce can be extraordinarily stressful. Counselling can help you deal with this stress and begin to rebuild your life.
  • Confirming your decisions about the separation. It’s common for one partner to be more confident about separating than the other. It’s usually worth exploring the possibility of saving the marriage, but if it is determined that separation is the best option, then it helps to be sure about your decision, so you have closure and can move on.
  • Helping you cope with a changing family. Separation therapy can help you and your children both handle the process of separating and moving on in healthy ways.

Related Services We Provide to Post-Separation Counselling

At MSRCC, we provide a range of counselling services to help people cope with the challenges of relationships as well as individual problems. A few of the services we offer include:

  • Couples counselling. If you are struggling with ongoing relationship issues, couples counselling can help you resolve them together.
  • LGBTI counselling. Whether you’re seeking individual or relationship counselling, we are trained in helping LGBTI clients deal with the unique challenges they face as well as the same issues faced by all couples, regardless of orientation.
  • Self-esteem enhancement. If you are experiencing feelings of depression, anger, or anxiety, self-esteem enhancement can help you learn to be happier and more content with yourself.
  • Anger management. Do you have trouble controlling your anger? We provide anger management services in a compassionate, non-judgmental environment.
  • Sexual intimacy counselling. Sexual intimacy counselling can help you and your partner feel emotionally safe in the relationship and express your closeness through physical intimacy.

Why You Should See MSRCC for Marriage Separation Advice

MSRCC is a team of specialist relationship counsellors with the experience and knowledge to help people through a wide variety of issues. If you are going through a separation or have another problem in your life you need assistance with; we’re here to help. We offer expert guidance in a completely private and confidential environment. We can also provide Skype or Facebook sessions if needed. Contact us today to get started.

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