Couples Counselling

Many couples may struggle with ongoing relationship difficulties that have a significant impact on their happiness and well-being.  It is not uncommon for couples to experience problems in their relationships.   During these difficult and stressful times, we can feel disconnected and hurt by the very person we share our intimate life with, our partner. Feelings are often intensified in these moments and conflict and hurt can escalate. Finding a viable solution may seem impossible.

Couples experiencing relationship distress often find themselves at a significant life-stage transition where they are encountering significant change. This may include moving in together, marrying, having a baby, managing teenagers, becoming empty nesters, retirement, changing jobs, financial distress, death of an extended family member or moving house. Navigating through these changes can place substantial stress on relationships, especially when previous coping mechanisms are no longer effective.

This often leads to many couples finding themselves in a chronic cycle of behaviours where one or both partners feel like they are encountering the same problem many times over. Our therapists are specifically trained to assist both partners in a safe and profound way to break this cycle, so that you can create a more meaningful relationship together as a couple.

MSRCC provides specialist support that employs a unique combination of integrative couple therapy techniques to assist you to overcome your relationship difficulties. Both educational and psychotherapeutic techniques are utilised to provide you with specific tools that are practical and easy to use with life-long benefits. Our goal is to assist both partners to find a deep secure connection together and experience a beneficial and rewarding relationship that integrates emotional, physical and sexual intimacy and is based on total equality in the partnership and in parenting, where applicable. Call us today to obtain confidential, caring support for your relationship difficulties.

Why Couple’s Counselling is Important for Your Relationship

If your relationship is in distress due to a significant life change such as a new job, new baby, family death, financial difficulty or you feel disconnected from your partner; then our couple’s counselling can help you navigate through these transitions. We use a unique combination of integrative couple’s therapy techniques and tailor long-term strategies to assist you in overcoming your relationship difficulties.

The Importance of Couple’s Therapy in Melbourne

Couple’s counselling at our Melbourne clinic can help you start to resolve issues and conflicts in your relationship when you are not sure how to go about it yourself.

  • You can take a moment to focus on your relationship: When you book a time for a therapy session, you are actively scheduling in a break from your busy life to focus on your relationship, as well as investing in your relationship’s future. You remove yourself from life’s distractions, and you and your partner can come together to learn how to communicate in a neutral environment effectively. Our therapists act as a mediator to facilitate this effective communication.
  • We will help to identify behavioural patterns leading to conflict: Our counsellor will analyse your reoccurring behaviour patterns that often lead to friction in your relationship. We are specifically trained to help couples break chronic patterns of behaviours through safe and effective strategies.
  • Our therapists will give you practical strategies to improve your relationship: We have a wide range of knowledge and experience with specialist relationship counselling. Our staff use educational and psychotherapeutic techniques to help our clients with specific and practical tools to improve their communication and relationship.

The Best Advice You Can Hear Regarding Couple’s Therapy

Our counsellors are qualified and trained to help couples in a balanced and non-judgmental manner.

  • We are highly qualified: Our therapists have a master’s degree in couple’s counselling. We regularly attend professional development training and clinical supervision. Our team is specially trained in couple’s therapy and help to restore or work through relationship transitions.
  • Your therapist will be impartial: We will remain neutral during your therapy session and never blame anyone in the relationship. Your therapist will look beyond your communication issues and guide you in exploring deeper emotions and beliefs. Our systematic perspective towards therapy means we look at a couple’s continued negative cycle of behaviour patterns that have resulted in your relationship distress and guide you to make changes that are effective and sustainable.
  • Our therapy sessions are confidential: Our clinic is a highly confidential environment where clients can feel supported and share personal details. Your file is stored securely, and we abide by the PACFA and ACA regulations.

Why Should You Use MRSCC?

Our professionals are specially trained in couple’s counselling to provide you with useful and sustainable strategies for your relationship. We have extensive experience and knowledge in couple’s therapy and tailor our sessions to each client’s needs with a balanced and impartial perspective. Contact us today for a free consultation about our couple’s counselling in Armadale.

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