LGBTI+ Relationship Counselling

LGBTI+ couples experience conflicts and challenges similar to heterosexual couples and desire the same levels of emotional, physical and sexual intimacy. Achieving this can be very difficult given many LGBTI+ individuals experienced trauma growing up in families and communities where they felt different and alone. This often results in low self-esteem and feelings of shame, guilt, disgust and inferiority. This may prohibit them from being their authentic self for fear of criticism, bullying and physical abuse. Some may even have been cut off from family.

Building and sustaining a secure, safe and intimate relationship with another individual, who may have experienced similar emotions growing up, is difficult. Many relationships understandably do not survive. When therapeutic support is sought, LGBTI+ couples need and want a therapist who understands their childhood and adolescent trauma and challenges faced. They want a therapist who is familiar with their community, their lack of role models as couples and same-sex parents (where applicable) and understand their struggle with creating a unique family based on their own values, wants and needs separate from their families of origin.

MSRCC offers specialist counsellors who have worked with many LGBTI+ couples in private practice, at Thorne Harbour Health (formerly Victorian Aids Council) and at Relationships Australia. Our therapists have helped LGBTI+ couples to understand their challenges with sexual intimacy and fear of being emotionally vulnerable.

Our specialist LGBTI+ therapists understand the needs of this community and create safe, supportive and confidential environments where couples are able to share anxieties, fears and longing to integrate emotional, physical and sexual intimacy into their relationships. Call us today to see a specialist LBGTI+ therapist who understands your needs.

Tackle Your Unique Issues in LGBTI Relationship Counselling at MSRCC

Have you ever wondered if LGBTI relationship counselling might be a suitable solution to your and your partner’s issues? Couples’ therapy can help people in all types of relationships resolve conflicts, learn healthier and more effective ways to communicate and reach new levels of emotional and physical intimacy. At Melbourne Specialist Relationship Counselling Clinic, we offer relationship counselling to a diverse range of couples, often helping them resolve their issues and move toward a happier, more harmonious future together.

The Importance of Same-Sex Relationship Counselling

All couples can benefit from relationship counselling at times, and same-sex couples are no exception. Regardless of the nature or severity of your problems, couples often find that sitting down with an objective third party who is trained to help couples work through difficult issues can make all the difference. Here are a few of the specific benefits of this type of therapy.

  • Improved communication. One of the most important things couples can learn in counselling is how to communicate effectively with each other, sharing their needs, fears, and joys and listening to one another properly.
  • A rejuvenated connection. You probably remember the early days of your relationship, when your emotional connection and physical intimacy both thrived. If your connection with your partner has waned over time, same-sex relationship counselling can help you restore it.
  • Negotiated commitments. Couples have many different types of obligations, such as the commitment to the relationship itself, to support each other’s career goals, or a commitment to have and raise children together. Counselling can help you communicate your fears and concerns and reach clear and workable agreements.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of LGBTI Relationship Counselling in Melbourne

Couples therapy may play a significant role in restoring your connection with your partner and strengthening your bond – but you can maximise the odds of a great outcome by taking a few steps of your own.

  • Don’t wait. Too many couples are already talking about separation by the time they come in for counselling. Catch problems early and seek advice before the issue becomes significant.
  • Be honest. There’s no way for a therapist to help effectively if you aren’t honest about what’s going on. Speak up about everything your therapist needs to know to offer the right kind of guidance.
  • Show up. Literally and figuratively. Arrive on time, turn off your phone, be rested and fed, and give the session your full attention and effort.
  • Give it time. The problems you are experiencing may have developed over months or years; don’t expect them to disappear overnight. Put in the work, be patient, and you’ll likely start to see marked improvements along the way.

What You Stand to Gain if You Use Melbourne Specialist Relationship Counselling Clinic

Although same-sex relationship counselling in Melbourne can be beneficial in strengthening your bond with your partner, realise that not all couples counselling is the same. At MSRCC, we specialise in relationship counselling, including separation, same-sex couples, trauma, and more. We know that your time is valuable, so we make it as easy as possible for you to get the treatment you need, including Facetime or Skype sessions if required. We are specialist relationship counsellors with the necessary experience and education to deal with a wide range of issues and clients effectively. Contact us today to schedule your session and get ready to start restoring your relationship.

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